How to Build Muscle Naturally Without Drugs Or Supplements - 5 Fool Proof Strategies

Do you struggle to gain weight and muscle and wonder what exactly you are doing wrong? Have you ever go to the point where you thought to yourself "you know what, maybe I NEED to take some of the latest supplements and pills just to get some friggin' muscle!"?

If you've ever thought that, don't worry...most skinny guys tend to suffer the same frustrations. However, there is absolutely NO NEED for you to take unnecessary supplements and certainly not drugs in order to beat your genetics and learn how to build muscle naturally.

In this article I'm going to give you my top five tips on how to build muscle naturally without resorting to drugs or unnecessary supplements. These are the tips that the top natural bodybuilders are using to get AMAZING bodies without messing up their health in the process.

Eat Yourself BIG

The secret of how to build muscle naturally for skinny guys is to get some serious calories into your daily diet. I don't mean eat a load of junk...I'm talking about eating more but focusing on quality and splitting them over 6 meals per day.

A 150 pound guy who is looking to gain muscle mass should be getting around 3,600 calories per day. The only way to build serious muscle quickly is by feeding your body...without this you will always struggle. So get serious about your meal planning...your success depends on it.

Drop Most Of Your Isolation Exercises

Isolation exercises that typically work one muscle group at a time are not bad in themselves...far from it. However, if you're a skinny guy looking at how to build muscle naturally then you'll do well to drop most of them from your workout routines in favour of compound exercises like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Good Mornings, etc.

This is because compound exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time giving you more muscle building bang for your buck, stimulating your body to produce more testosterone (which can increase your muscle growth), and allowing you to lift heavier weights. Compound exercises are the closely guarded secret of the natural bodybuilder.

Lift Heavy

As mentioned, lifting heavy is seriously important if you're looking for ways of how to build muscle naturally. This is because your body and muscles respond to increased loads and adapt to compensate. The heavier the weight the more your body is forced to increase strength and muscle size to cope.

An ideal weight on an exercise is when you can typically perform between 6-10 reps per set. Less than that means the weight is too heavy; more than that and it is too light.

Workout Less - and Don't Split Your Workouts

Modern society makes us believe that more is always better. However, for the skinny guy wanting to build muscle naturally, this is not the fact, overtraining will do nothing but hamper your efforts to gain muscle mass and possibly result in injury.

Aim to get 3 full body workouts in per week, lasting between 45 minutes and 1 hour each. This gives you a full day's rest in between.

Many workouts split exercises over 6 days, focusing on different body parts each day. I don't recommend this for skinny guys who to gain muscle quickly because it doesn't give you adequate rest, and increases the possibility of over training. Also, in such a schedule you'll typically only be working out each muscle group once per week.

Rest Days Are Essential

As mentioned above, rest and recuperation is essential in order to build muscle naturally, and many folks fall at this hurdle.

A common misconception is that muscles are built in the gym...when in actual fact the "growth" part takes place during rest, often while we are asleep. So make sure you are getting proper rest and quality sleep, in order to make the most of your time in the gym.

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